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Default Re: No Love in Denver, No Problem

Originally Posted by milehighnuggz
The fact that you think balkman can initiate your team offensively means you have down syndrome and should just kill yourself.

I do think that, but we know carter can't- there has been a hundred and some games of proof that he can't

I don't get the level of hate for someones post- the reason in writing is because it appears that you and others must not be able to notice the differences, you just asked for details in calling someone else out- it has to be assumed that you just don't understand why its important to play your best players together and why it matters who plays with who

Can you see a difference in how the nuggets are defended with carter or jones on the court?

Do you believe carter is a better defender against gaurds than balkman(if you've seen enough of balkman covering gaurds)

Do you believe that jones positive effect on team defense is greater than his negative effect on the teams offense?
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