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Default Jarnell Stokes?

I been watching this guy since his first game last year in Tennesse he came into a college 1 year early and the dude has a sweet skill package and the main reason he probably caught my eye is cause he reminds of a lot of my current favourite player DeMarcus Cousins.

Stokes might not have the same ceiling as DMC and is a bit shorter at 6'9 and has less length with a 7'1 winspan, both are below the rim players primarily but unlike Cousins he does not have to battle insanity every few games.

Stokes has GREAT hands, oxe like strength, good rebounder very solidly built and is a solid finisher with fantastic body control much like DMC. He has a solid handle and a jumpshot I really think this guy could be a solid player in the NBA something like a 12 & 7-8 guy. He will need to work on his jumpshot and will have to adjust playing far more athletic guys but I think his skill package can overcome.

Stokes is a interesting prospect who is known as a good guy and solid worker and could be a good late first round/early 2nd round pick.
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