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Default Re: Will Hawks make the playoffs?????

Originally Posted by hawktown
I've been a die-hard Hawks fan for a long time. I think if we had a better head coach, we would be a top 4 seed in the weak East. Mike Woodson is a good assistant, but that's it. Horford should be dominating, but it will take him the entire year to progress under Woodson. Law will take forever to develop under Woodson despite his injury.

A few quick thoughts: If only we had drafted Darren Williams, things would be a lot different right now. I love Joe, but he's not the go to 70M guy we paid for. He's dominating like 1 of 4 games. Not acceptable. If Woodson get Josh and Horford to stay down low, we have a good shot.
hahaha, top 4... maybe in 4 years...
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