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Default Re: Q for Laker Fans who live in LA

Some of the posts in here lol

no matter where you sit, as long as your near center court it's fine. I've sat in the lower level a few times and it's cool, but I have season tickets in the 300's center court and it's fine. Basketball arenas are not football stadiums, the very last seats are decent if you are centered.

You can park for free if you know where to look, and if you don't mind walking 5 minutes parking is like $15 not $100 as stated previously.

Cholos don't beat you up at Laker games for wearing the other teams jersey. Dodger stadium you can get in for $5 and spend the money you saved on beers. The Lakers usually have much tamer fans as it's much more expensive to get in. I'm not saying people won't say anything, but it's usually friendly trash talking. No one is going to throw a beer on you or stab you like a Dodger game. Be prepared for some verbal abuse, but not much else unless you get really unlucky or something.

As far as ticket prices, upper levels can be as cheap at 40 or 60 dollars(at least last season...with Nash and Dwight I have no idea, prices are going up for sure). For the bigger games you're looking at a lot more money no matter where you're sitting lol

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