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Default Re: John Wall's career high was only 25 points

The single game scoring record(vs a D1 opponent) is held by a guy who didnt even make the NBA. Dropped 72 and didnt get drafted. Eddie House scored 61 in a college game. Bo Kimble averaged like 35ppg. Jj Reddick put up what? 28 a game? hes a role player now. Ewing was supposed to be the next bill Russell and he ended up a jump shooting scorer. Dennis rodman put up I think 27 and 20 in college one season. Scott haffner dropped 65 in a game then scored 4ppg in the NBA. Jodie Meeks had a 54 point game and did what this year?

College numbers best...somewhat suggestive of what you can do in the NBA.

Shit look up Bevo Francis. Guy had about 10 games between 65 and 115 points and at most 2 people who will read this even knows who that is.

College is a place where good players can be ridden to great numbers or great winning. Sometimes both. But on a team with 5 first round picks what kind of coach would try to ride one of them enough for him to put up crazy numbers?

College numbers for a really good player is pretty much just what his system allowed.

Bo Kimble wouldnt have put up 35ppg at Duke and John Wall might have scored 25 on a no name school with a coach who would ride the one good player he had.

On a team with multiple high picks?


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