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Default Re: Euroleague 2011-12 Club Budgets

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
So Partizan cant be one of those clubs because they dont have enough money ? They never had money and they are one of the best clubs ( orund top 10 ) in Europe . I read that Partizan and UNICS are fighting for A licence for next season , could it be that they are fighting to be in those 16 clubs ?

Like I said, there is not supposed to be an A license after this season. There will be 13 franchises, and then it will go to 16 within 2-3 years. It's obvious that 12 are already in. So that leaves an opening for #13.

Siena would have it, but you have to have at least a 10,000 basketball specific, modern arena to get it. Siena, unfortunately for them, does not have it. So the issue will be if they get a waiver or not. The waiver would only be for if they promise to finish the new arena they were working on.

If not, then that #13 spot is open. I could see UNICS and Partizan in contention for it. The issue is the arena for UNICS and the budget amount for Partizan.

From what I understand, they really want it to be clubs that have at least a €10 million euros per season budget. So that would mean UNICS would get it over Partizan.

But then again, UNICS does not have the arena. However, UNICS has a pretty nice arena and it's fairly modern. And looking at it, they could probably add about 1,500 to 2,000 seats just around the court side, and it's supposedly about 7,700 seats already.

So, I would guess that UNICS could probably do some things to get the arena up to 10,000, if they needed to, without having to spend that much money.

Hard to say, but I would think that it's a lot easier for UNICS to expand their arena, than it is for Partizan to go to a €10 million euros budget.

However, I would also think that Khimki would be in contention for this. They will probably win the Eurocup this season, and I think they have even more money than UNICS does.

They only have a 6,000 arena, but it's obviously expandable to 10,000, as it does not even have stands behind the goals. And they certainly have the money to expand it.

If I had to guess, it's between Siena, UNICS, Khimky, and I would think that the favorite by far would be Siena. I think they would decide to finish their new arena if they got the promise for the new franchise and I think the Euroleague would grant them the waiver to finish it. After all, it is pretty much the marquee Italian club at this point.

Maybe, UNICS, Khimky, and Partizan can end up getting the last 3 places later on. But I would think that they will have to give Partizan a pass on the budget. I don't see any way they get a €10 million euros per season budget.

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