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Default Re: Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Guard Nick Young

Originally Posted by BallsOut
For the price, I love the signing.

Here's the roster as it now stands

PG: Nash | Blake | Farmar
SG: Bryant | Meeks
SF: Young
PF: Hill
C: Gasol | Kaman | Sacre

That's 10 players, Lakers need to add at least 3 more players (NBA rule).

I would add Lamar Odom, Sasha Vujacic and resign Ebanks. Throwback to 2008-10 Lakers teams (Ebanks in place of Ariza/MWP, Nash in place of Fisher, Young in place of Shannon Brown).

PG: Nash | Blake | Farmar
SG: Bryant | Meeks
SF: Ebanks | Young | Vujacic
PF: Odom | Hill
C: Gasol | Kaman | Sacre

If Kobe, Nash and Gasol can stay healthy and Ebanks and Odom are motivated this could be a very underrated team in the playoffs.

You forgot to add machine gun Kelly to the line up, I'm assuming the Lakers sign him. And no to bums like Vujacic and Ebanks. I'd be estatic signing Austin Daye and Odom to round out the roster. Even add CDR as an insurance policy.

PG: Nash/Blake/Farmar
SG: Bryant/Young/Meeks
SF: Daye or Wes Johnson/Young
PF: Hill (love his energy and hustle)/Daye/Odom

Or start Kobe at SF and Young at SG to add another scoring threat. You can run the offense through Gasol since he actually has shooters to pass through. Either way I like the fact that the Lakers are finally taking some chances.
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