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Default Re: Coach Kobe Doin Work!!!!

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Wow.....there's a name I hadn't heard in awhile!!!
Yeah, I actually played some pickup games with him, Coop, Dino Gregory Sr., Dwayne Polee Sr., Rocket Rod Foster back in the day. Rod and I talked about him several years ago before a game between our teams in ARC.
I hadn't been aware he died.
But yeah, Raymond helped put Verbum Dei on the map in the 70's

So you're from LA?

I have a buddy at work who grew up in Compton and knew Raymond lewis.
He said he was the best player he'd ever play against.

Said guy was so fast and had the nicest jumpshot. Said had he played in the league, would have tore MJ up. He was too fast.

Keep in mind, my buddy played with many great players including kareem
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