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Default Re: 2013-14 Premier League Registration and Application Thread

Originally Posted by G-train
Name: G-train, Big Daddy G, G

How often would you be able to chat about trades/basketball? 5-10 hours per week

Do you enjoy trading or would you rather stick with the team you drafted? Yes I trade

Are you opposed to vetos? No

Do you have a problem with any of the rules listed above? No

Have you previously been a member of the Premier League? Yes

If no, please provide a link to your fantasy history.

Why should we let you join the most competitive, active and enjoyable fantasy basketball league?

I was in Premier once before, and I learnt the hard way on how to deal with skilled negotiators.
I was active, and traded significantly the last time I was in Premier, albeit I made 2 poor trades. I regularly was in the chat.
I have won 2 ESPN leagues last season, and also came 3rd in Minors last season.

I'm voting for you just because of your avatar.
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