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Default Re: Poll: How will the next 3 games play out? (Predictions)

thepredictions in this thread are kind of funny..especially the specific ones.

Game 3- Lakers win by 9..Their role players play well and KG has a bad shooting game..Odom gets injured on one of his reckless drives to the hoop while 4 players are waiting for him for the charge.

Game 4- Ray Allen nails a huge three over Kobe in the final seconds...Kobe and Sasha miscommunicate on the screen. Kobe makes Sasha cry in the locker room. Celtics by 5

Game 5- a pissed off Kobe drops 46 points and the Lakers blow out the celtics. Posey gets called for an intentional foul in the 4th. Lakers by 19

Game 6- Rondo has an unexplainable amazing shooting night. Gasol disapears. Fisher and Kobe make some threes to keep it close but the Celtics pull it out by hitting free throws...Celtics by 6
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