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Default Re: Django Unchained: Big Dissapointment.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Based on what we knew of the character he made a conscious decision to kill Candie and give up. The character HAD to be in control and Candie took total control of the situation. Schultz knew he wasn't leaving alive, he's a thinker not a fighter, so he got the last word with Candie and then accepted his fate.

As long as it's within the realm of established possibilities for the character, it's fine. It sucks that ruined it for you though.

^ There you go.

Yeah, maybe I'm obsessing too much over this event, but seeing Django kill 10 or so men without even being scratched makes me think that Schultz, who had a lot more combat experience could have taken at least that many, and of course, the two of them could have even killed all the guards.

In any case, it was a fun, enjoyable movie and I'm glad I saw it.
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