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Default Re: Opening night vs Orlando (10/31, 6pm Central)

Yeah, this game was brutal. It wasn't a blowout, but it wasn't close either. Again, I set my early-season expectations much too high. This is, as we must remember...the Milwaukee Bucks. The team has a long way to go if they're looking to go deep into the playoffs. Either that...or the Magic has got one hell of a squad on their hands this year.

As always, Micheal Redd is our life-saver. He's our key man, whom without, we'd have no chance. Yes, yes--it's only one game, but still. There has been a lot of anticipation leading up to this season. You would think they'd come into this game with everything they got, and most importantly, stay consistent through the entire game. This just didn't happen. We are too reliant on Redd. More players are going to have to step up, and if they can't do that, why not play some hard-nosed defense? Where's this new and improved defensive plan Coach K has been talking about? The Bucks played the same quality D as always.

Now, the game wasn't all bad. There are a couple things to be optimistic about. Redd has still got it, and that's always a good sign. Bobby Simmons put 18 points on the board (the only other player with double digits). Coming off a season-ending injury last year; it's good to see him back to his old self. I've always liked Simmons. I hope he can stay healthy and consistent.

Yi is not much to talk about. In this game at least. He's not aggressive enough. He doesn't take enough shots (it's obviously what he's good at. He had many open looks, but decided to throw it off to someone else resulting in a missed shot) And most noticeably--he seemed confused, as my avatar suggests. Funny thing is, I made that before the game. It's still early, so I won't hold it against him. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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