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Default Re: U.S. suspends some aid to Pakistani military

Originally Posted by Jasper
How the economy is roling the US will cutting back on even more foreign aid in other ways ...

why do you think they US goverment has stated they have 'ALL MOST' stomped out El'kida ==== who is kidding who

it seems to me like they found a trove of information when they killed Bin Ladin which has helped them find out who else are running Al Qaeda, but haven't outright stated or mentioned anything directly about what they recovered. I know they referenced that raid tho in regards to a lot of their optimism in taking out Al Qaeda now, and i believe them.

Pakistan has gotten real shady ever since we realized they've been harboring Bin Ladin in their city amongst other Al Qaeda leaders, but i really wonder how much of their government is involved. I don't trust their people tho, i swear every pic i see it screams 'we hate Americans'
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