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Learning to shoot layups
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i found this on the rumors page:

"The Heat has spoken to agents for several veteran point guards (including 34-year-old Nick Van Exel), but prefers someone younger. . . . Antoine Walker, who needs to get in better shape, has no plans to reduce his three-point attempts (unlike Gary Payton) but wants to add ``an in-between game -- dribble, pump fake, take one step.'' Miami Herald

so he is gone with no chance of the spurs resigning him.

as for beno, i like the player but he is erractic with his play (just like most young point guards in the L). vaughn is better choice to play behind parker though only because you know what your're going to get from him. he's a point who won't make mistakes but @ the same time won't be a game-changer for the spurs. but i'm thinking that this suits Pop just fine.
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