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Default Offseason

This team was inconsistent and frustrating as hell to watch all year. Injuries played a major part, but also management, coaching staff and the players all have a part in the blame. Management did a poor job of adding efficient pieces to match their new hire. Coaching staff did a bad job in adjusting game plans and strategies to the strengths of the players they did have. There was no set lineup (due in part to injuries). Players showed no resiliency and togetherness when it counted most. Almost every game that we SHOULD win and NEEDED to win we would lose.

With that said I still feel this squad completely healthy is the 3rd or 4th best team in the East, but we can't be happy with that and we shouldn't settle.

We need to make moves. Hoiberg needs guys that fit his image if he's going to remain the choice to run things as im sure he will.

We need to get younger and more athletic. A lot of options this offseason so lets capitalize.
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