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Default Re: Kobe's 81 point game on ESPN Classic

Originally Posted by Dodonpa
um it was more like every single laker threw the ball to kobe as soon as he reached midcourt.

Not entirely... there were a few times he called for it, though the other players seemed more than willing to pass it too him, often times even looking for him.

If this were a game where his teammates were playing well, and he was dominating the ball, inspite of the performance, I would understand the criticism he would get for dominating the ball and I as well would prefer to see him play a team game... but this Laker team went on a stretch with Bryant on the bench where they went something like 1-11... I don't believe Lamar Odom scored until the 3rd quarter of the game. Lol... Any criticism of this game is disingenuous at best, abject "h@ting" at worst. You have a guy who brings your team back from 18 down in one quarter, energizes the team to play great defense, changes the whole atmosphere of a building, and proceeds to chase history, and people are complaining that Smush Parker didn't get his fair share of shot attempts?
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