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Default Re: Kobe's 81 point game on ESPN Classic

Originally Posted by MaxFly
The most I remember him hitting in a row is 4 or 5... The thing that's most striking is that he would hit 3 or so, miss one, then hit 4, then miss 2, then hit 3. There was once where he missed 3 shots in a row, but it got to the point where I was surprised that he missed as impossible as some of the shots he was taking were...

It's the feeling that I had when I first saw Larry Legend's 60 point game. Like, dag, I'm surprised he missed that falling out of bounds, behind the basket, three... he usually makes those.
gotcha. it's funny how the memory patches over those misses as time goes by.

and i know exactly what you mean re: larry. i've said for years now that kobe's got larry bird disease - the insane confidence that he can hit any shot at any time, and he might just try it. it's a confidence that rubs off on the fans when he's hot and makes you think he's going to nail everything.

thanks for the stat-clarification, loki. i'm starting to think you're a robot. or at least a cyborg of some type - plugged directly into the nba statistical database.
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