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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
They weren't really into Porter, at least that's what the beat writers here say. Think it was his agent starting that ****.

BMW has been inactive, he doesn't even suit up for games. Wants everythign handed to him, doesn't practice hard and that's all that Martz, Marinelli, and Henderson are about. I bet he'll be cut like C-Rog if he doesn't change his attitude quick.

And Roy? He's crazy, inconsistent, can't make a catch anymore, fuks up blocks, and talks**** in the papers, drives me nuts.

So many wasted 1st rounders, only worth his weight is Kevin Jones.

You can just go ahead and send Roy Williams down to Dallas, we'll give you a 2nd rounder or something. Kid is on pace for 1130 yards and 7 TDs playing with perhaps a low 5 QB in the NFL.

Ill take that everyday of the week, The Legend is a stud.
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