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Default Re: Should Cavs Pick Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving?

I easily go Kyrie Irving to compete with a very deep PG class/crop in the NBA. I'm not one who thinks he is the best thing coming. I dont even think he is Chris Paul 2.0. I just think he's going to be a very good PG. I dont expect him to be Mike Conley either where he is just above average. I rather a floor general than Derrick Williams.

At #4 its Enes Kanter or I'm unsure. I dont know much about the foreigners and little about Kanter. But I like the fact that Kanter isnt your typical euro big. Not sure about his health, knee history tho. And the only footage I've seen is from playing against other talented dudes his age. And I liked the fact he was a big who liked to work in the paint. Who put his back to the basket and showed some moves, footwork. ASgain I dont know about the other euros and havent seen much footage. One video I seen of Valu (whatever his name is). He looked stiff. But again I dunno.

#4 I'd be open to trade. I wouldnt rule that out. I know people like stockpiling talent to rebuild and thats not a bad thing. But you also got an option to aquire a young established talent as well. Why would another team trade such a player? To start over themselves.

Cleveland aint winning nothing over night. 2012 is a deep class. I'd even consider moving #4 for next years first rd pick even if its a protected #1.
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