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Default Re: 2012 OTC WWWF/WWF/WWE Match Thread

nash isn't even one of the best big man wrestlers. i'd rank taker, vader, bam bam bigelow, umaga and mike awesome well ahead of him. nash got by on 'look' and mic skills more than anything else...and it's not like he had incredible mic skills.

as far as sting, i'm not sure which one you're remembering. he was in a lot of fast paced, great matches with his surfer gimmick. once he got to the crow gimmick, he was past his prime. his peak years between '90-'93 are where the classics lie. his feuds with vader, the four horsemen and particularly flair are all good stuff.

'boring' dean malenko was a part of one of the biggest pops in wcw when he returned in '98 at slamboree. jericho even said he'd never heard a wcw crowd that loud before.

the place was going apeshit:

prop up nash while putting down sting and malenko? pretty laughable. i've long considered malenko one of the most underrated wrestlers, up there with arn anderson.

anyway, that's not the point. you can feel free to strongly disagree and have whatever opinion you want. your problem is your approach...your blanket statements and your overall closed mindedness is off putting.

i never told a fellow wrestling fan what to like or that his favorite wrestlers suck. some guys like japanese death matches. some guys like lucha. some guys like tag team wrestling. some guys like technical matches. some guys like indie matches and so on and so forth. to each their own. closed minded, condescending wrestling fans are the worst.
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