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Default Dwight Howard vs Andrew Bynum

At this point, we have all watched both, Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum enough to be able to make judgements and compare the two players.

1) Barring injuries, who would you build your team around?

2) Who is the better player?

3) Who is the better offensive low post player?

4) Who is the best defensive player?

5) What is the prime for these guys going to look like?


1) I would build my team around Bynum if he was not injury prone. I feel like he can control a game on both ends of the court WHEN this kid is motivated. Keep in mind I used the keyword: "WHEN".

2) This question is a bit loaded here. In my opinion, Dwight Howard is the best hustle player in the entire NBA. So great at hustling, that it made this man a superstar. Every game this man, as dumb as some of his plays are, pours in 110% effort on both ends and his availability is the most valuable thing he can bring.

Bynum is a better free throw shooter, can score down low in multiple ways, and is very strong from the bottom up. Dwight is strong, but he still doesn't have that lower body strength that can push other big guys around.

3) I believe when healthy, this area goes to Andrew Bynum, who has been known to score on 3, even 4 defenders on occasion. He's strong, and combine that with the fact he uses his lengthy arms to his advantages most of the time. He doesn't get stripped and can really keep his composure down low.

4) As I already mentioned, Dwight Howard, to me, is the best hustling big man in all of the NBA. His effort has rewarded him on a game by game basis. It shows in the stat sheet, and he uses the gifts given to him, and even maximizes his potential. Its great to have a guy like that on your team.

5) I am not sure if we have seen the best of both. Not yet. Dwight Howard has always been on teams with other shooters and scorers. I am anxious to see just what he can do if he averaged 20 shots per game. We have seen what Bynum can do on 20+ shots, but we have not had the opportunity to witness him take 20+ shots a game either.
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