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Default Re: 2017 NBA Playoffs 1st Round GT: (3) Houston Rockets vs (6) Oklahoma City Thunder

Originally Posted by ImKobe
Oh really, was Harden doing more on a worse team?

Curry averaged 24/4/8 on 49/44/91 shooting, led his team in pts, assists and steals, shot higher from 3 than Harden did overall from the field, broke the 3pt record and his team won 11 more games than Houston, Curry was almost better in every single metric that season..unless you think 27/6/7 on worse efficiency is better than what Curry did.

It's not the same thing, WB this season is putting up better numbers in almost every single statistic on a worse team and played better than Harden H2H - complete opposite of the Curry and Harden situation.

Actually Harden and Curry efficiency weren't that off. Harden had a 60 ts% while curry had a 63 ts %

Harden led in rebounds and points just like Westbrook vs Harden this year.

Houston team back them was almost or worse than Westbrook, with Howard missing half a season. He did it next to DMo instead of Adams.

The difference between Houston and Okc wasn't bigger because Houston stopped carrying about wins once it was stuck on 3 place.

Houston actually was 2nd not 6th.

Is almost the same story as Westbrook Harden but with Westbrook being a bit worse efficient and closer in stats to Harden with a lower seat team and instead of GSW multiple all stars, Harden and Westbrook had no all start next to them.

If you thought Curry deserved the MvP and now think is Westbrook you just a hypocrite.
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