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Default Re: 2017 NBA Playoffs 1st Round GT: (3) Houston Rockets vs (6) Oklahoma City Thunder

Originally Posted by UK2K
What I'm saying is, while it's super cool that Westbrook had a 50 pt trip-dub, it may be more beneficial if he only has 35-10-6 and he gets his teammates more involved.

Like I said, they're so dependent on Westbrook to do everything that when he's not on the court, NOBODY else on the team knows what to do because their team philosophy is 'give the ball to Westbrook and then stand around and watch him do shit'.

Like I said, Taj Gibson absolutely abused Anderson for like 6 straight minutes. Why did they go away from that? So instead of getting Taj the ball some more so that he can continually exploit his mismatch which would inevitably make Houston pull Anderson off the floor (and change their lineup), they inexplicably decided that that was enough and then let Westbrook go back to playing hero ball. Why?

Why was McBuckets 4-5 from the floor, and 3-4 from deep, in 10 minutes before the 4th in game 3 (or 4?) only to, literally, not take another shot attempt for the entire 7 minutes he was on the floor at the end of the game? Would it be so awful if maybe, I don't know, Westbrook allowed him to put up another long range shot or two, just to keep the defense honest?

Say what you want about his supporting cast, but for the season, Abrines, Grant, McBuckets, and Oladipo ALL shot over 36% from the 3pt line. That ain't too shabby. In fact, that's better then Harden, and Ariza, and Lou Williams.

If they aren't getting shots in the fourth, its because Westbrook. And if they aren't hitting the open shots they're given, its because they hadn't touched the ball in 13 minutes of game play.

His play style is detrimental to his teammates. I think that much is obvious.

Those bench players that shot decent from 3 were huge negatives in those games, especially in Game 5

And this is not the first year that OKC has this issue, remember last year vs Warriors when KD was pissed off and shouting at his guys for not shooting the open shot?

You can say that Russ is too aggressive in the 4th but what else can he do when his teammates pass the ball back to him despite being open, I saw Oladipo and Roberson brick wide open 3s from the corner when it mattered, I saw guys fumbling the pass and turning it over. Eventually there's 2-3 minutes left and Russ is forced to trade baskets with a much better offense while playing 1 on 5, this is the same issue Kobe had with those piss poor Laker teams in the mid 2000s.
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