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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
So far my favorite DLs have been the two pixel junk shooters. Limbo. Elephunk.
I have a taste for puzzlers on the DL stuff.

I'd like to give Minecraft and Journey a shot.
Limbo is fantastic totally agreed. Elephunk I've never heard of, but after reading this looked into it and I may give it a go. I really like Puzzlers as well, Magic Orbz is an okay one. Basically it's pong with an area that you have to destroy, but you can only do it in certain ways, and you can get combos, and more points etc etc.

And you'd love Journey given you like the third person adventure game. It's somewhat of a puzzler too. You can play Minecraft online for free first if you decide you like it. It'll be an older version though, but it has most of the same stuff as the current edition I believe. I played it while it was in beta so I enjoyed it enough to get it on my 360, and have gotten a lot more hours logged in since I bought it.
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