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Default Re: Tyreke and Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by Pointguard
The more they know the game the worse they get. Great Rookie campaigns but it was all south from there. Both were huge athletes at their position with great know-how of doing their thing there, but have both shrunk severely and seemingly know less about themselves and the game. I never seen anything like them. Are they taking an Anti-steriods?

1. Anybody else like them?
2. On what teams could they look like their rookie selves?
3. Have NBA coaches dumbed em down?

I say this in the most non-condescending way, but watch a good sample size of them actually playing the game before making such statements. I can't say anything for Tyreke because I have not watched many Kings games the last 2-3 years, but Blake Griffin is leaps and bounds better this year than during his rookie campaign.
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