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Default Re: Tyreke and Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by Myth
Blake's rebounding is the only thing that seemed to have dipped. I think he was more aggressive as a rookie, but overall he is smarter and more efficient.

Blake's first game though dropped my jaw:

hah funny to watch that video.

The main thing that came to mind watching it was:

"No one in that game any idea how to guard Griffin."

People severely underestimate how much it inhibits players once teams start game planning for them. If teams still played Griffin in that clueless way he'd be dropping 30 a night.

Players improve but defenses improve with them so sometimes it looks like they are less effective stats-wise but they are putting more and more pressure on the defense.

I think Griffin is especially affected by this bc of the spectacular nature of his game. Guys are hyper-aware of him because they don't want to get embarrassed.
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