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Default Re: Tyreke and Blake Griffin

Originally Posted by Kellogs4toniee
I say this in the most non-condescending way, but watch a good sample size of them actually playing the game before making such statements. I can't say anything for Tyreke because I have not watched many Kings games the last 2-3 years, but Blake Griffin is leaps and bounds better this year than during his rookie campaign.
Oh, so he's more aggressive? He rebounds better? They were worrying about his conditioning his rookie year? He doubts himself now? His presence is no where near what it was his rookie year. Did I miss every good game? Wow, he's more efficient and picks his spots but when he's not aggressive he's overthinking everything.

Please show me another player who came in at 22.5 and 12.5 and looks like Blake two years later. Please, just name me one. He came in with one of the best rookie campaigns from a modern day PF, it was like TD's. When he's aggressive people say he's the same athlete as Lebron. Right now, that seems like some cruel joke. His assertiveness is like a role players. 18 and 8.5??? He was one of the few that had the promise of a post game. 8.5rebs is garbage. I guess yall would know best but trust me, he was feared at one point. I just don't see him getting 30 and 15 I fully expect that from Kevin Love I expect 15 and 8 from Blake - the guy who came in dominant.
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