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Default Re: New York Knicks (24-13) vs. Detroit Pistons (14-24), 3:00 PM EST, NBATV from LONDON!

Originally Posted by Magic bird
Conditioning, work ethic
Thats a cop out that everyone has been using, he has been winded in a few games but that has to do with him being in constant motion and jumping for every rebound and trying to block everything near him because he is playing with 4 non defenders and is stuck covering for them...anyone would be gassed when the coach puts you in that situation and runs you for an entire quarter...Larry Tidbit has some stupid rotation where Drum comes in at the very end of first q and plays for 8-9 minutes straight then sits again til 4th q . A good coach would break up his minutes between all 4 quarters so he can get his most impactful player more time while still getting him rest. I am just waiting for Gores to finally realize he needs to dropkick this midget down I75.
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