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Default Re: Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan

Originally Posted by wTFaMonkey
but right now. the standard of living is going down because of the countries like china. they are eventually going to catch up to us. our dollars are becoming weaker and weaker everyday and one day. the world will stop accepting american dollars as the reserve currency. too bad for us

BTW, china is great example of state's economy growing, and at a huge rate, while its citizens are dying of hunger.
welfare of the state and corporations doesn't mean necessarily the welfare of citizens, although it's probably a prerequisite. it's about finding an equilibrium.

thing is, you could argue that public health care right now, in this particular case, isn't the best thing for USA.
but people like heilige seem to think it's innately and universally wrong, which is false. or that it's contrary to US constitution, which is again false. or that it has nothing but cons, which is again false. or that it would stop you from getting the better service if you have money to pay it, and so on...
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