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Default Living in the mid-90's > any era

This was probably the greatest era to live in. With social media, age of electronics, and other means of communcation and interaction it has managed to make us busier and socially inept. It was a great time for music, TV, life's interest, and people in general

My top reason for living in the 90's (all insipired by recent posts):

1- Video games were more about the game play rather than the graphics. They made them simple time killers as opposed to life drainers. The longest game we played was probably Legend of Zelda. Games were more for the spirit of competition and simple enjoyment

2- Hip Hop in 1993. I'd say the greatest age in hip hop. Just check out this line-up of albums:

3- Despite not having cell phones, people communicated person to person. For some reason it was easier to make plans and have your whole posse meet at one spot

4- This pic:

5- Remember when cops were admired pillars of the community? Somebody to look up to and not ticket just money hungry ticket peddlers?

6- Chicks with no tats. Being able to tell the difference from a 15 year old and a 25 year old

7- People, especially kids took walks, bike rides, played in playgrounds

8- You can get a meal anywhere for less than $5.00

9- NBA was fantastic

10- TV shows were more relatable, not just rehashed ideas or reality television

All time fav:

Was there ever a better and simpler time to live? I time where electronic devices were just enough and the element of being human was in tact? I think not

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