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Default Re: MJ's Thoughts on Kobe Bryant(Past)

Originally Posted by LakerWarrior12
I was reading my usual MJ biography book, I haven't read it a while..but I got to a page where MJ talks about Kobe Bryant.

He was critizing Kobe Bryant for not going to college.

Now for the question.

If Kobe Bryant went to college, would he became a better player than he is as of right now?

Don't think so. I think he made the right decision. I can't explain why it's this way but I don't find it as a series of coincidences that a few years ago a lot of elite players in the L came straight out of HS. Jermaine O'Neal, Kobe, KG, TMAC.

I'm not saying I'm any better but I don't think MJ has enough knowledge to speak on whether Kobe should have gone to College or not.
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