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Default hey all..

Hello all, i see we have a few new posters and some older ones coming back to post after an absense from the boards.. welcome to everyone..

With the offseason here there's going to be lots of speculation and rumors being discussed...we all have out thoughts on what the team needs to do and who's hot and who's not, who should stay go or otherwise, it's going to be an exciting time here on the Lakers forum...

I'm asking everyone to please take a moment to look on the first and second pages at least before starting a new thread, we don't need to double up and triple up on redundent posts and have the same basic discussion going on in three different threads...

Also please be a thoughtful poster respect others opinions, not everyone spends the same amount of time following the sport and with such a cross section of ages and locations not everyone is going to have the same views..

There are going to be those few posters that feel the need to disrupt the thread, can't help that, so report them or put them on ignore if you feel the need... try and avoid getting in a verbal spare with them, it's fun sometimes i know so try and use your best judgement when you deal with the dolts...

Thanks all and lets have fun... By the way i'm not a MOD but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night...
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