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Default Re: I don't understand how I travelled

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
So I catch the ball, hop step as I catched the ball, fake shot, dribble on my right hand and drive to the right. Then the ref called it a travel, I didn't get to ask after the game. Perhaps when I started to drive right after faking the shot, I lifted my right foot and stepped through then dribbled the ball? I am really not sure...

It is annoying because I am so used to faking the shot after a hop step. How can I fix this?

Thanks boys

if you didnt come to a two point stop when you caught it and moved your pivot foot when you faked for the shot, that's a travel. Get's called all the time in my leagues and no one ever knows why they travelled because they weren't taught that you ALWAYS come to a two point jump stop when you catch the ball. Two point jump stop is your friend
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