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Default I haven't seen AI fit in well with the Pistons

Hey y'all. Howdy do?

I'm a raptors fan first and a pistons fan second and love watching 'em play. From the games I've caught from early in the trade to recently, I haven't seen AI gel in well with the team. I think he offers the team a lot of value with his expiring contract along with others coming off the books and Pistons being strong in the back-court with guys with potential to take over the reins once AI is gone and eventually Rip.

The problem is, I am not sure if I view it correctly, I've only caught a handful of games and AI just doesn't seem the same. He doesn't look like the guy that we've all known him to be, is that him regressing or still not comfortable with the team? One play I see him trying to be that 1 vs. 5 guy and the next play he's setting up his teammates and moving the ball around.

So let me know if I am correct on my assessment and things that I need to know. I think that even though he isn't the right fit, he offers Detroit a lot value, but he is not the scorer that he once was. People keep saying it's good because Detroit got that guy who can be that all-out scorer, I haven't seen that much...
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