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Default Re: Dwight Howard Hate Thread

Before our first meeting with Orlando this year, I thought to myself, "Wow, we might have one of the edgiest player in the league in Brad. The way he always tangles himself up with other players, big acting on a ton of calls,." I just shut up about it, because I'm a homer, and luckily he plays on our side.

The first time I saw Dwight play this year, that thought went away quick. He fouls guys hard and no remorse as far as what is TOO FAR, then crys when he doesn't get a ticky tack foul call.

And you're right about JJ to an extent. First, hes a rookie. You can't ask a guy to make a move that could ruin his character and career because someone else isn't getting called for fragrant fouls. Thats the league politics and refs that cause this problem far more than players like Dwight or even Brad. Here's the thing with JJ though, and I can only speak from my own experiences. I trained and participated in 2 UFC ameratur tourneys. There is a clear mentality about respect and protecting your brothers when you're involved in a compeditive martial art. I can see why you outted him on having to defend that role, and believe me, the way JJ plays, he will be THAT guy at some point in his career. But you can't ever, and I mean, EVER ask a player to potentially mark up his career in a shady move like that.

Dwight Howard, regardless if the 2 Rose hits never happened, would still be the dirtiest player in the league, in my own mind.
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