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Default Re: top 5 Dirk still there?

Originally Posted by -primetime-
you're a fool....Dirk would have countless wide open shots and would be in the running for a scoring title.

because GS is the only team that plays small ball....they don't play with a center, they play with 2 guards and 3 forwards...they left Damp/Diop alone and tripled up on Dirk...other teams don't have that ability...

now I am not saying that Dirk didn't have a bad series, but there are legit reasons that GS gave Dirk much more problems that other teams...

Please explain to me then while 1 on 1...Stephen Jackson throw his shot off the backboard 3 times...Why he passed up shots...why he couldnt post up Monta Ellis..

Dirk wasnt triple teamed......Dirk was exposed..
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