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Default Wasted Lottery Picks

Since Mullin has taken the throne, their draft choices have been horrible to say the least. Currently, none has amounted to much and considering the majority of these picks were in the lottery tells you how much of an evaluator of talent this club is. What could of been...

2003 - 11th Pick : Mickael Pietrus

Not only was he a project, but he never got sufficient enough chances to really prove he's worth of an 11th overall pick. At 26 years old, has a chance in Orlando to prove something.

Better Choices: David West (18), Boris Diaw (21), Josh Howard (29)

2004 - 11th Pick : Andris Biedrins

Although I like AB, he hasn't turned into a top 10 center yet and after 3 years in the league, is still relatively raw. AB will never be an offensive juggernaut. What he has is good hands and is a decent rebounder. Its not a bad pick, but you have to consider a few players that where taken after him.

Better Choices: Al Jefferson (15) and Josh Smith (17)

2005 - 9th Pick : Ike Diogu

Ike was projected as a late first round pick according to nearly all the mock drafts around the net so it was quite shocking when David Stern called his name at 9. Had a decent rookie year with flashes of what he can be like, but he turned out to be a deal sweetner so they could get rid of Dunleavy and Murphy. Still hasn't done much in the NBA yet.

Better Choices: Andrew Bynum (10), Danny Granger (17), Jarrett Jack (22), Jason Maxiell (26), David Lee (30)

2006 - 9th Pick : Patrick O'Bryant

When you pick a 7 footer out of Bradley, chances are that you're desparate or you'd need enough patience to let this kid develop. Being sent down to the D-League numerous times doesn't help your confidence. I thought he did rather well in the limited minutes he played, but I guess not good enough to get at least 5-10 minutes a game for a team that lacked depth at the center position.

Better Choices: Hilton Armstrong (12), Ronnie Brewer (14), Rodney Carney (16), Josh Boone (23), Kyle Lowry (24), Jordan Farmar (26)

So for anyone who is wondering why the Warriors have been one of the worst teams in the league for the past 14 years, then you know why. Their lack of keeping or developing young talent. Webber was the best Warrior in the past 15 years and he lasted a season and a half. Baron Davis walked off without a fight.

This team could of a had a nice core of Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, and Bynum in the front court with Ellis and Carney in the back court. Oh wells...
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