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Default Re: Wasted Lottery Picks

Originally Posted by meanmonster
Every team in the league can look back at their drafts and see what they missed in most instances. I bet Detroit wonders what life would have been like without drafting Darko, the teams passing on Brandon Roy not too long ago and then he turned out to be Rookie of the Year, etc. etc. lf I were in G.S.W's shoes, I wouldnt be disappointed in the draft picks, I'd be disappointed that when the get there they are buried somewhere in Oakland and don't get a chance to show what they got or develop.... i.e. pretty much all the players on your list and add Brandan Wright and Bellinelli.

I agree with you that every team misses a draft pick here and there. It just seems to happen more often with the Warriors. We're talking about 4 lottery picks in a row that were misses. I would of settleed for 1 out of 4 at 25%. You can even go back to Adonal Foyle, Todd Fuller, Joe Smith, and Mike Dunleavy drafts. 3 out of 12 (1995-2006) were good picks (Richardson, Biedrins and Vince Carter who was traded for Jamison). Two were given away for cheaper solutions (Dunleavy and Ellis).
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