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Default Re: Do you think the Beijing Olympics will be Rigged?

I don't really see anything cocky about Kobe. You have to be confident and he is definately that. Schmidt was the one who was me-first. He's the one that was quoted as saying some men can play the piano, some can only push it. I don't remember him ever making other players better. Like I said he played against the dream team and the team in 96 and the teams got killed. He didn't make anybody better then.

Kobe has made his teammates better. People think he is a ball hog because of one season where he was forced to shoot a lot. But you can see how efficient he was and how he made his teammates better even that year

Throughout the Lakers runs of championships Kobe and Shaq nearly took the same amount of shots per game. Is Shaq a ball hog now too? The funny thing with Kobe is people think he wasn't a ball hog this year and think he shared the ball so well and got teammates involved. Which he did do this, but he still shot more than he did in 03 and 04 when people were saying he was a ball hog. It's too much media that gets into peoples heads.

We can make a case for Schmidt being the greatest amateur of all-time but certainly not the greatest scorer. Like I said before Petrovic was better in the Euroleagues and there are a number of NBA players that could score just as well. Really Kobe and MJ shouldn't even be in the conversation when comparing against Schmidt. They are in a league of their own. You need to play against the best to be the best.
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