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Default Re: Do you think the Beijing Olympics will be Rigged?

I was going to make the same reply. I just saw this tonight.

I really don't have any answers at this point. All I know is the one legit center team USA had isn't going to be 100%. I made comments about him getting into foul trouble earlier but I never imagined this. Team USA has Bosh right now who could play a little center, but other than that their next biggest guy is Boozer who is only 6'9".

I guess this is the tough part about the Olympics for the USA. There is so much pressure for teams to win an NBA championship, the guys don't want to go out and win a gold medal for their country. This is the one thing we haven't discussed yet but is probably the one biggest issue in the US compared to Europe. Europeans want to win the gold not matter what. To them that is the greatest achievement. In America the greatest achievement is winning an NBA title. So some of our best player opt out and decide not to play. I wish they would have a little patriotism and just play. If we had other big guys this wouldn't even be an issue. I realize that this isn't just Americans. I know that there are international players whose teams don't want them to play in the Olympics for fear of their health. Nonetheless it hurts us more than anybody. It's only a player for most teams while it's 3 to 5 for us.

Personally, I love the Olympics, and not just basketball. This is the one time of the year I will watch all sports like track & field, diving, rowing, etc. Since basketball is one of my passions I would love for the US to be able to put out their best players to represent their country. Unfortunately, I don't know if it can happen again. This doesn't mean they won't be competitive. It just means there will never be another dream team. You guys know I am the one american who has kept this thread going, so you know I am passionate about the Olympics and how team USA fares. I wish we could get that enthusiasm spread across the US. For a lack of a better term, no matter who has the correct opinion, you can see that a gold medal means more to Europe than it does the US just based on the discussion in this thread.

In all fairness, if I could have my team win a championship instead of a gold medal I would. But the margin is slim. It's 51% to 49%. Personally, I don't like to set my goals to just attaining one thing. That would be too low for me. I would set my goals to win an NBA championship and a gold medal. Why limit ourselves with goals, right? I guess the rest of the US doesn't feel that way. I'll try to keep the discussion going as much as I can but in the end I am only one man doing this. You obviously have the numbers and at this point in time it looks like team USA just doesn't care. It's very discouraging for me.
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