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Default Re: Do you think the Beijing Olympics will be Rigged?

The percentages of winning a title with your country rather than you club should 100% to 0%. Unless you are playing for a foreign country, that's Holden in Russia, Whitfield for the Czechs, and so on. That really is the problem with USA basketball and that might be one of the major things from them being dominant again. Shaq, KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Gilbert Arenas, Jermaine O'Neal, and so many players refusing to play, especially big men, and it isn't true that most countries are missing only one player, usually it's more, as I mentioned Lithuania earlier missing at least 3, Greece will be missing a few, Serbia was missing the whole team, there are plenty of countries that could have excuses about missing people, but don't.

b.jerk's statement was strong, and I agree with it. Dwight Howard, the only one who can play center, and now he has a stress fracture. One of my friends had it before, and he wasn't allowed to do anything on his legs besides walking or running. He couldn't jump high anymore, but he recovered after about 3 or 4 months, because he wasn't taking care of it properly. The proper way to care for it is rest it and ice it for about 5 weeks. I don't think Howard can or will do that. Then the US line up would look like this: Kidd/Paul, Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo, and Bosh. It looks like an all star lineup, but it won't win international games, sorry. And if they decided to take out Carmelo or Bosh for Wade, God help you.
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