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Originally Posted by OldTerp
I like the addition of Nash, but think we still need to get younger/ more athletic. What about this trade:

Obviously there would have to be draft picks involved. (Maybe Philly throwing in a 1st rounder to Orlando) You could replace Vucevic with anyone to make the numbers work.

Would Philly part with AI and a first rounder for Pau?

I love Iggy. We need his D and his ability to get up and down the floor. Plus, he's a great 3 point shooter. I'm not sure I part with Pau to get him though. The thought of Pau and Nash in the pick n roll has me drooling. Still , Dwight/Iggy>Pau/Bynum, so I like your trade, if that's the way we land Dwight. Just not sure Dright/Iggy is better than Dright/Pau. That's a tough call.
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