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Default Lakers 11-4 in their last 15 games

No article for this, but it doesn't need a genius to count anyways.

What I have noticed from the players is the dedication to play on both ends of the floor. I've seen the need for Kobe and Nash to pass into the post and get Dwight to look pretty good. Role players (Jamison, Meeks) are coming through for this team, and we haven't been "blowing leads with the starters on the bench" as we so often used to hear.

From the coach, he's made the system a bit slower, and there is defense implemented into what they do now.

Laker fans, can this team make the playoffs? If they do make the playoffs, will they make some noise? How far can these guys go if they do? Do you expect this success to continue throughout these last 20 something games?
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