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Default Re: Lakers 11-4 in their last 15 games

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Its a fair post on all counts, especially regarding SAS having the lakers' number. That probably comes down to coaching. Gregg literally knows everything about what D'Antoni is going to do.

I would still have hope for that though and I'll give you my reason. Its true, D'Antoni never won a series against popp, but most of those series' were close. When games like that come down to it, there is only one player who exists today that could have re-written history as we know it, had he ended up on the phoenix suns. That player is Kobe Bryant. D'Antoni has something Popp could never fully figure out. And if this team ends up somehow figuring it out for the rest of the season, Gregg will be facing the one coach who always came close, but never won it. Only this time, D'Antoni has a weapon that Gregg can't even fathom. I've always been the most critical of Kobe on here. Ask anyone. They'll tell you Im probably a Kobe hater. But boy do I admire Kobe's intensity and his God-given power to melt the opposition when it is in his best interest.
Like yesterday against the Mavs? Goodness that was terrifying. He couldn't miss. When he's hot, he's hot. Now, if he could play like that all the time, he would be in the GOAT discussion 24/7.

I don't have high hopes for the playoffs, especially since we're missing 2 key big men. But being able to at least get into them says something about the Lakers. That yes, we CAN do it, and we CAN battle back. We were in the gutter for a while, I even started questioning if we would ever get out. Now, 11-4 in the last 15 looks mighty good.

Even if we get knocked out of the playoffs, we have an entire summer to work with. Unlike at the beginning of the season when both Nash and Howard were coming in at the last second, and plus Howard had an injury. The Lakers are going to be a contender next year, no doubt in my mind. The West better take heed of the Mamba and the Lakers.
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