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Default Re: If The Pistons Manage To Lose This Series...

Originally Posted by dd24
I say fire Flip. If he can't manage to get this team motivated to beat Philly he shouldn't be there. Under no circumstance should Detroit be losing in the first round, I don't care which team in the playoffs they are up against. I can only hope they manage to somehow win the series but we all know that over 75% of the teams that win game 3 win the series and Philly has home court advantage at this point. I'm really tired of watching the Pistons at this point. When I turn the tv on I'm not sure if I'm going to get a team that is fired up like they should be or the team that seems to under achieve. Joe D needs to address this, I think the first step is Flip. I think he should go no matter what. The next step (and this is if they lose in the 1st round) is to pursue trades.

Flip Saunders is NOT a playoff coach…
All his years with the Timberwolves and Kevin Garnett, he was only able to win 2 series. This was in 2004 where they were able to realize the WCF… In 2 seasons with Detroit, these Pistons teams have failed in the ECF and at this point they will not get that far in 2008.

This team lacks discipline. All I can do now is see how the team performs these last 2 games. They literally quit after the first minutes of the 3rd quarter. They shouldn't even be in the playoffs with that attitude. This team will not win a championship. The fact that they laid down and gave up is not the foundation of winning. That 3rd quarter is the worst thing I have ever seen from this team in recent years. I weep for Tayshaun Prince. He was the only guy out their who didn't quit…
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