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Default Re: If The Pistons Manage To Lose This Series...

Originally Posted by Patrick27
Flip may be losing the team, but motivation for this team must come from within. It was interesting to hear Chris Webber's comments yesterday about Dumars entering the locker room at halftime and threatening to trade them all. I'm not sure he meant that literally, but it showed me that Flip doesn't control the team's motivations, and he's not the one they rally behind. He should go, although I think he's a great coach and deserves to coach elsewhere.

I hope we're holding out for JVG. He's a good fit for us, I think. He'll stick up for his players and yell at them. It should work for 1-2 years while the vets are still there.

I watched the game on Channel 20 so I didn't hear Webber's comments until today when a colleague mentioned it to me. Flip does not have any control over this team and its too far gone for him. At this point, he has to be dismissed UNLESS he brings this team to the Finals and wins some games… Flip is a great REGULAR season coach no doubt, but has never proven anything in the playoffs… going back to the days and times of the Timberwolves. With this development of Dumars entering the locker room and making his comments, It has to be certain the Flip will be gone.

I am in agreement 100% with Patrick27 that JVG is the best fit for this team. The thing is Van Gundy will be the hottest free agent coach this summer. I imagine Phoenix will also be interested in him should they let D'antoni go.
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