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Default Re: Kevin Love will be the biggest bust in the 2008 draft

Originally Posted by Quickness
Milicic seems like a sick mother****er, also mentioning if they had kids he'd **** em hard too. Seriously someone needs to shoot him.

apparently that expression is part of the serbian culture. the people who understood the language here when that happened said it wasn't atypical kind of talk for serbs.

which is the real disturbing point^.

but anyways, the pistons used to call him the serbian gangsta. i don't think they were kidding. yugoslavia region in general is wartorn and brutal. someone on the serbian team was forbidden from entering croatia because he had a tattoo of a ww2 general that massacred croats. they are very ethnocentric and hateful.

coming to america must have been a crazy ass culture shock. he probably was raised racist against black people anyway, sorry for talking out of my ass but I would think that it is true. i know a few albanians and 1 serb and they do not like other races very much at all.
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