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Default Re: Moving out on a tight budget.

Originally Posted by gts
don't know what state you're in but here's the biggie, find a major grocery chain near you, get the club card and learn how to work the coupon system, go online and find coupons for things you want/like buy nothing without making sure it's on special or you have a coupon for it, even restaurants, pizzam etc etc... the saving add up...

btw i suck at this, but my wife is a crazy good... lol
we don't hurt for money at this time but she still has the system down, for her it's like found money, she has a little file folder full of coupons, she knows what days the stores have the best deals etc etc.. the other day we went for a few things the bill was almost 80 bucks then she went to work lol, out came the club card then the coupons and she took something crazy like 48 dollars off the total the final tab was like 27 dollars...

I believe the word you're looking for to describe that second bit is "thrifty"
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