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Default Re: Bulls and Rose better deliver next season.

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC

Between the both of us, you're f*cking insane. Remember last year when you said Eddy Curry should get a free pass for being fat and lazy while he was on the Bulls just because he's from Chicago? Yeah, you're f*cking crazy.

Wrong, again you have demonstrated a lack of comprehension.

I said that with his heart problems, family tragedy, extreme height/bodymakeup and upbringing I understand that he had issues staying in shape....while I would have liked for him to be better, I accept him for being who he is. To me he was never really a lover of ball--ball came to him due to his height and he went with the best path available to him.

I also said that I support him because I grew up in the same neighborhood.

What is your excuse for being a lazy fatass btw?

A "free pass" is a term you would use. There are no passes, no way to tell Rose and the Bulls "they better deliver".....comments like that come from people that live in a fantasy world such as yourself.
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