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Default Re: Brandon Ingram is going to be a Superstar in the NBA

Even at number two, I'd still put him a fair tick behind Simmons. Sure the stroke looks better, and it's probably a better foundation to build from. But there is evidence that FT shooting translates more to NBA 3pt shooting than even college 3pt shooting does. And I'm a little worried he may fall between positions. His handle needs work, but he's got some quickness concerns regardless (it sounds weird, but I don't like the huge feet he seems to have, he looks like he's dragging them around). And the length is nice, but obviously strength is a concern. I personally don't think he can defend the NBA 3. And at the moment, he can't hold up against most NBA 4s. He will be able to make up for some of it with the length.
Jabari Parker had some similar traits as a prospect. Caught between positions. A lot riding on the jumper. But he was physically a little better (although Ingram is probably a touch better athlete), and played C at Duke, so the notion he could hold up as a stretch four made more sense, and his jumper was more developed.

The upside is huge, if his jumper continues to build on that good foundation, if he gets stronger, and if his quickness improves, and if his handle develops, you get a top tier player. But that's a lot of ifs. There's a ton of decent middle ground. You might wind up with Ryan Anderson if the jumper goes and quickness doesn't. You might wind up with Harrison Barnes if things go a little better physically. I actually like Simmons' floor more than that, with something like a suped up Diaw as a floor. Just with the way the league is now, the playmaker from that position seems more valuable to me, and there's only the one if from greatness being the jumper.

The questions regarding the jumper are too much to slap Ingram with the Durant tag. Durant is an all time shooter, and even when I had concerns about him as a prospect because of strength, the length and elite shooting gave him a huge floor.
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